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People Don't Buy What You do, They Buy Why You do it

by Scott Smith on Oct 6, 2015 12:03:00 PM

I once put someone to sleep in a pitch while educating him on search engine optimization, the benefits of
having a slick website, original content, and a dominant social media presence. 

He eventually woke up. 

But that was only after I told him how much new business we were drumming up for one of our current clients and why our services actually work. 

People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it. 

Rather than explain to people what we do and how we do it, it’s more important that they know why we do it. You can win over someone’s mind with an idea. More importantly, you can win over someone's heart with a compelling explanation of why the idea is gold. 


Why we do what we do

Jump Suit Group was born from three driven young guys recognizing an opportunity in an emerging industry. Before we even had a name for Jump Suit Group, we knew one thing; we needed to be three steps ahead of the curve.

We were not going to try and compete in the saturated marketing industry – we decided to go all-in on the ideas that we expect to be the industry standard in 2020, not 2015. We constructed our services to blend sales and marketing and create a “Digital Revenue Growth Engine” for businesses.

From the jump, we were adamant on never choosing the easy road. Taking the "safe" course of action lowers the ceiling of opportunity for accomplishing great things.

Take our team ethos for example...

“We've found there is a line that most are unwilling to cross. It is the same line that separates those who do from those who do not. When you finally muster the courage to cross, you are met with innovation and adventure. Harnessing this ethos will take you and your business to unrivaled levels of success and satisfaction. Jump Suit Group is here to push the limits of how far past that line one is willing to leap.”


Full circle

We don't just stop at "why". Understanding "how" and "what" helps to complete the full circle of the path we take towards success. We focus on "why" to show our clients "how" and "what" we are doing in order to achieve our mutual goals. Every client has a different vision and it is up to us to create a roadmap with the tools we have at our disposal. 



How we do what we do 

Written Content

I could go on and on about the impacts that quality content have on marketing campaigns. I will keep it simple. Blogging is one of the most effective ways to give your brand a voice and to begin to grow your online presence.

Media Production

Is it easier to watch a video rather than read pages and pages of text? We think so. Check out our latest feature, "Lemonade Stand". Video production is becoming more effective and logical as user interactions shift to mobile devices and ever-shortening attention spans.

Content Distribution

Multi-channel sharing is at the forefront of our inbound marketing strategy. Whether we are attracting strangers to your site through search engine optimization or communication with fans on social media, we are sending a consistent message focused on your brand's identity.

What we do 

Driving traffic to your site is great, but our goals reach much farther past that point. Generating leads is where the real magic happens. We make it easy for prospects to connect with companies and begin developing trusting relationships.


We work with clients in a variety of industries ranging from insurance to wholesale distribution. A few things remain constant with the work for each and every one of our clients. Work is done to the highest standard possible, resources are maximized for upmost efficiency, and the value we deliver is aimed at exceeding expectations.

Jump Suit Group leverages some of the most powerful sales and marketing software on the market to achieve these goals.

Real Relationships

Relationships are our greatest asset – working with people who share the vision for why we do what we do helps grow both our business and theirs as well. These strong relationships help open the doors to new and exciting paths for us to explore every single day. 

Create New Business and Increase Profits

Our end goal is producing leads and generating more revenue for our clients. This is the money maker, where we are able to prove the ROI of our client's investment – a concept that never used to be associated with marketing in the past.

With so many companies competing for the eyes and ears of prospective customers, we had to develop a way to stand out and be heard. In order for us to accomplish this task, we have to push the traditional limits and continue to take the road less traveled. 

They say time is money. We save our clients time and make them money.

I’d like to shout out @simonsinek for introducing Jump Suit Group to the Golden Circle. This framework is rooted deep in the foundation of Jump Suit Group and will help us to achieve amazing things for our clients.