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Content Crash Course: How to Make Your Brand Relevant in 2020

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The "30 Hour Crash Course" On Internet Marketing

Here's a simple fact that 99% of the people who read this article will not do.

If you spend 30 hours getting educated on digital strategies for your business, you will become one of the more dangerous marketing / sales employees at your company.

That's 5 hours a week for 6 weeks. or 15 hours a week for two.

The good news? Consider this hour number one in your crash course... and here is the first lesson.

If you get out communicated on the internet over time you will lose.

The internet will suffocate EVERYTHING but the people and organizations that communicate best OR have the best product. Plain and simple.

There is nothing more important in our society than being an unbelievable communicator - on social, on your website, podcast or your youtube channel. It's the one thing that will either leave you in the dust, or create a lasting brand for you.

In 10 years, most products and services will become a commodity, leaving your brand and messaging at the top of the list when it comes to consumer purchasing. 

So how do you "communicate" the right way?

It's all about content - people consume it for hours and hours per day, and if you're not in that game, you remain irrelevant. Here are a few examples of content that can be created by a business

  • Video show
  • Podcast
  • Blog
  • Snack-able Instagram videos

To do it "right" every business should be creating 20-30 pieces of content per day. Not per month, not per week, PER DAY. That means recording a podcast, breaking it down into 10 quotes, then distributing those on various platforms. Not to mention recording a video of the podcast and using clips of the podcast on your Instagram story. That's about 25 pieces right there.

Why so many pieces?

Because there is an abundance of noise out there - especially from the big businesses that spend millions of dollars on content and advertising. The good news for you is that you don't even need a budget to do digital as long as you are willing to put the work in.

With some hustle, you can put out daily podcasts. You can put out daily vlogs. It just takes time, effort and a little bit of old fashion elbow grease.

What To Do First 

I'll break down your first 3 steps which will take about 1 hour. Go to Google.com and search the following topics.

  • Starting a podcast for beginners
  • How to make a selfie video for a business
  • What is a blog

After you search those, read the first 3-4 articles that come up - these might not be the best of the best, but they are guaranteed to teach you A TON about what you don't know. 

Getting Advice From People Who Have Done It

People like us are in this world each and every day. Podcasts are second nature, selfie videos are recorded daily - we don't blink. These are the people that have a HUGE knowledge base and are incredibly happy to share. 

You see, the thing is that we love watching others succeed. If another marketing agency asked us for advice, we would give it to them. It genuinely fires us up! 

Thanks for reading - please please please hit us up with any questions, we're happy to chat over anything!

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