Why Are Google Reviews Important to Your Insurance Agency?

    In business, nothing matters more than your reputation. Customers want to know that they are going to be taken care of, and will avoid a business that has bad – or even no – reviews. Before giving their business to a company, consumers go online to search for what other people have to say about it, and base their choices on these testimonials. Though there are many sites where customers can leave reviews, due to Google’s reputation and changes to their search results, your Google reviews are more important than ever before.

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    What is Google Ads and How Can It Help Your Insurance Agency?

    Consumers find a business in one of several ways. Two of the most common are via web searches and advertisements. When it comes to marketing campaigns, it can be difficult to know how to best reach your audience to get the highest return on your investment. Google AdWords helps eliminate this problem, combining web searches with paid ads, to help you target consumers who are actively looking for a business like yours.

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