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Facebook Ads May Determine The Presidential Election... Again.

Scott Smith

Disclaimer - this blog is not a political stance. I wrote it to highlight the impact that Facebook ads can have if they are executed properly.

Understanding how Facebook ads work is more relevant to your every day life than you think. So relevant that they helped Donald Trump secure his 4 years in office. During his campaign, Trump was spending $1,000,000 a Day on Facebook Ads, targeting "on-the-fence" voters in three specific states. 

And it was an absolutely brilliant strategy.

Again, our goal isn't to take a political stance, but show you that Facebook ads are an incredibly powerful tool. We encourage all of you to watch the Netflix documentary “The Great Hack” and form the opinion for yourself.


We also ask that if this changed your mind about Facebook ads, you send us a message after to talk about it.

If Facebook ads are powerful enough to swing the election of the president of the United States, don't you think they could be used to market your business?

So, when you are considering the next marketing strategy for your biz, the influential experiment that is Facebook advertising should be at the top of the list. 

To say that they don’t work is simply wrong - that probably means you were running crap ads. 

If you’re intrigued and want to turn your brain into mash potatoes, please check out the Netflix documentary the Great Hack. 

If you’re intrigued and want to learn more about how to use Facebook ads for your business, well, you know who to call.

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